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Flight volume on shared aircraft increases 33% in April

Demand for executive planes has accelerated the rise in flights in the shared aircraft market. The growth in demand for business planes has created difficulties for those interested in acquiring the first aircraft, with queues that can last until 2025. The pandemic has led several businessmen and corporations to seek in executive aviation a way out of health restrictions and maintenance of the air connectivity. One of the fastest growing segments was on-demand flights on shared aircraft. The business model has been most sought after in Brazil, offering the opportunity to enter executive aviation in the short term, with lower costs. According to Solojet Shares, a company specializing in shared ownership, in the first few weeks of April alone, the demand for flights by shareholders grew by 33%. Among the most popular destinations are Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Goiania, Cuiaba, Ribeirao Preto, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires, and others. The company points out that the rise has been steady since January, when 16% more flights were registered than in December, followed by a rise of 22% in February and 31% in March. “The number of shareholders has increased, but the movement is also due to the end of the restrictions caused by the pandemic”, said Marcelo Orsolini, commercial manager of Solojet Shares. The upturn led Avantto, also specialized in sharing aircraft, to open a new base at Congonhas airport, using Voar Aviation’s infrastructure. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/volume-de-voos-em-aeronaves-compartilhadas-aumenta-33-em-abril.html