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ANAC issues first Administrative Specification for aircraft sharing

Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) issued on July 14 the Administrative Specification for Prime You Aviation, allowing the company to manage the aircraft shared ownership program. This is the first authorization issue for this model, established by Subpart K of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulation (RBAC, also in Portuguese) #91, of June 14, 2021. The company was authorized to manage the sharing of two aircraft models, one by Embraer and an Agusta helicopter. The contractual relationship between operator and quotaholders, although it must be reported to ANAC, will be reserved in nature and will be the responsibility of the program administrator. The operational safety rules for operations with shared ownership of aircraft are similar to those for operations under RBAC #135, of March 15, 2021, which regulates the air taxi, with the appropriate adaptations for the business model. The authorization process follows the rite described in Supplementary Instruction (IS, in Portuguese) 91-013, of September 3, 2021, and involves document analysis and inspections. The initiative is in line with the Voo Simples Program, launched in October 2020, with the aim of simplifying and modernizing the general aviation activity and creating the right conditions for greater competitiveness in the air sector. Discussions for the publication of Subpart K of RBAC 91 also brought other simplifications related to the operations manual, the factoring of the landing strip, and the adequacy of training and exams. – https://www.aeroflap.com.br/anac-emite-primeira-especificacao-administrativa-para-compartilhamento-de-aeronaves/