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ANAC expands cooperation actions with other civil aviation authorities

A reference in the sector, ANAC has expanded the exchange of knowledge with other countries. Directly aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) No Country Left Behind program, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) has increasingly strengthened its relationship with other civil aviation authorities, with emphasis on those that participate in the Community of Lusophone Civil Aviation Authorities (CAACL, also in Portuguese). The main objective is to foster cooperation through the sharing of knowledge and best practices for the development of civil aviation in these countries. The common language facilitates cooperative actions. An example of this is the translation of the Annexes to the ICAO Chicago Convention, and respective amendments into Portuguese that has been done by Brazil and Portugal. This provides a better understanding of these documents, which govern world civil aviation. Another initiative of the Agency is the availability of vacancies in online and on-site courses managed by the ANAC Training Center, internationally recognized. The next step by ANAC to expand cooperation with other countries should be taken on October 4th, during the 41st ICAO Assembly, with the signing of a letter of intent to partner with the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for the Security of Aviation in Africa (AFI Plan) and the African Aviation Security and Facilitation Plan (AFI SECFAL Plan). The two plans were built within the framework of the ICAO for cooperation with African countries in actions aimed at operational safety and aviation facilitation in these countries. – https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/noticias/2022/anac-amplia-acoes-de-cooperacao-com-outras-autoridades-de-aviacao-civil