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JetSMART promotes sustainability in South American commercial aviation

JetSMART Airlines today announced the expansion of its commitment to sustainability in South America based on a set of measures that aim to continue on the path of carbon neutrality of its operations in the region and in the countries where it operates. These announcements were made by the airline during the ALTA Leaders Forum, an organization that JetSMART became a part of this year as a way to promote its regional expansion, providing new ways of managing its commercial model in the region, from the which the company recorded an unprecedented growth of 62% between December 2019 and December 2022 in the offer of seats. In this context, the ultra-low-cost airline of the Indigo Partners group confirmed that it will end 2022 with a regional fleet of 23 aircraft, including its Airbus A320 and A321 with CEO and NEO technology, and Pratt & Whitney GTF engines. All planes added to the fleet in 2022 save 25% on fuel. This improvement, added to the new wing tips (Sharklet), the new cabin configuration, and the use of the lightest seats on the market, developed with reused materials from other industries, allow to reduce emissions by more than 25% per seat. This is equivalent to stopping the emission of more than 12,000 tons of CO2 per plane per year, that is, the equivalent of what 200,000 trees absorb in a period of 10 years. It is worth remembering that, in August, the company received its first A321neo, with the image of the humpback whale on the tail, and a few days ago the second A321, with the rudder decorated with the Orca. According to JetSMART, this aircraft has the lowest carbon footprint per passenger, as it has a capacity for 240 passengers and is seven meters longer than the A320neo. The seats are covered with Eleather – pieces of leather that were discarded in the leather industry – which has several benefits, such as reducing the cost of fuel consumption by up to USD 10,000 per plane per year, as it is 48% lighter than the traditional leather. Regarding the current fleet, the airline announced today the arrival of the eighth Airbus ceo plane to Argentina, allowing it to reinforce the offer of seats for the 17 routes that are operated in the domestic market and the four that it already sells from Buenos Aires to Santiago; Assumption; Lima, Peru, and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, a third A321neo that should arrive in the region by the end of this year, which will allow the company to have a fleet of 23 aircraft with an average age of 3.5 years, as all aircraft incorporated by JetSMART come directly from the factory, without previous use, for your flights also to Colombia, Uruguay, and Brazil from Chile. – https://www.aeroflap.com.br/jetsmart-promove-sustentabilidade-na-aviacao-comercial-sul-americana/