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New jet fuel technology made with ethanol receives support from United Airlines

A new Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology that will use ethanol as a feedstock will be developed and commercialized by Blue Blade Energy, a new joint venture announced by United Airlines, Tallgrass, and Green Plains. According to the companies, if the technology is successful, Blue Blade is expected to proceed with the construction of a pilot facility in 2024, followed by a full-scale facility, which could start commercial operations in 2028. The acquisition plan provides for the provision of sufficient SAF to operate more than 50,000 annual flights between United’s hub airports in Chicago and Denver. SAF, which uses non-petroleum feedstock, is a low-carbon alternative to traditional jet fuel that aims to deliver up to 85% lower greenhouse gas emissions. Blue Blade’s new SAF technology is developed by researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a leading center for technological innovation in sustainable energy. Once operational, Blue Blade Energy will have the potential to create United’s largest source of SAF, providing 135 million gallons of fuel annually. If the technology is commercialized, Blue Blade’s initial plant location will allow easy access to low-carbon feedstock from Green Plains’ ethanol production facilities in the US Midwest. United aggressively pursues strategic investments in SAF producers and breakthrough technologies, including carbon capture, hydrogen electric engines, electric regional aircraft, and air taxis. – https://aeroin.net/nova-tecnologia-de-combustivel-de-aviacao-feito-com-etanol-recebe-apoio-da-united-airlines/