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ANAC reaches the milestone of 100 airports with approved PSA

Working together with the airport sector, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC, in Portuguese) reached the milestone of 100 airports certified in Aviation Security – Civil Aviation Security against Acts of Illicit Interference (AVSEC, also in Portuguese) – through the approval of the Airport Security Program (PSA, also in Portuguese). This means that approximately 99% of passengers in the country fly at airports that have passed this type of certification. The PSA is a document that describes the organizational, material, human, and procedural resources that are applied by the aerodrome operator to guarantee the protection of airport operations against acts of unlawful interference, in accordance with the technical guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Brazil, as a Contracting State of the International Civil Aviation Convention, requires public civil aerodromes to have a PSA to comply with the guidelines and requirements of the AVSEC regulation. – https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/noticias/2023/anac-atinge-o-marco-de-100-aeroportos-com-psa-aprovado