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The USA is investing in research to reduce noise pollution from planes

More than ten universities in the United States are receiving USD 19 M (BRL 96.3 M) from the country’s Federal Administration, the FAA, to carry out research aimed at reducing the noise pollution emitted by airplanes. The amount will be used to pursue the development of noise reduction procedures, the assessment of the impact of noise on the environment and communities, and the acoustic modeling of new aircraft emerging from the advanced air mobility sector. Beneficiary students will also intensively study the effects of noise on communities and public health. “Research is the gateway to breakthroughs. With the best minds, we can reduce noise and fly with net zero emissions by 2050”, said Billy Nolen, acting administrator of the FAA. In Brazil, residents living around the Congonhas Airport (CGH), which was opened in 1936 and without any construction around it at the time, proposed charging passengers a fee of BRL 30, which would be charged by the City of Sao Paulo, in order to subsidize a kind of mitigation fund for noise and environmental pollution. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/eua-esta-investindo-em-pesquisa-para-reduzir-a-poluicao-sonora-dos-avioes.html