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Importance of aviation in times of humanitarian crisis is once again highlighted by IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has again highlighted the key role of aviation in situations of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, during the IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS), which is taking place in Turkey this week. “When a crisis strikes, aviation is there to help. Connectivity is essential to get aid and first responders where they are needed, as in the recent case of rapid relief for earthquake victims in southern Turkey and Syria. Airlines helped save lives in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. And airlines continue to help accelerate the recovery by transporting vital goods,” said Willie Walsh, IATA Director General. The 29 main operators serving Turkey have delivered over 3,500 tonnes of aid from over 90 countries, operated over 350 relief and repatriation flights to affected areas, and have provided transport for over 130,000 first responders across the world. Essential supplies delivered included coats, blankets, bathrooms, toiletries, food, firefighter equipment, power generators, tents, water distribution systems, flashlights, sleeping bags and medical supplies, among other items. “Every day, airlines make an enormous positive contribution to humanity, connecting people, cultures, businesses, and economies, promoting economic growth and social development. When disaster strikes, these links become even more important. Everyone in aviation can be proud of the essential supplies, essential resources and hope that aircraft bring to disaster-affected areas. With this, we encourage all concerned groups to join us in ensuring that aviation fulfills this role, becoming increasingly safe, stable, reliable and sustainable. Airlines have shown exceptional compassion and solidarity, delivering essential supplies and helping affected communities around the world. During crises, we bring hope, relief and help, collaborating to rebuild lives. I am proud to be part of an industry that makes such a difference,” said Walsh. – https://aeroin.net/importancia-da-aviacao-em-momentos-de-crise-humanitaria-volta-a-ser-destacada-pela-iata/