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FAA launches blueprint on how future eVTOL aircraft will begin operating over cities

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released an updated airspace design and procedural changes to accommodate future air taxis and other Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations in the United States, such as eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle). According to the project, AAM operations will start at a low pace, with air taxis flying the same way helicopters do today. They will use existing routes and infrastructure such as old heliports. Pilots will communicate with air traffic controllers whenever necessary. As the number of operations increases, air taxis are expected to fly in the corridors between major airports and new vertiports in city centers. The complexity of corridors can increase over time, from one-way paths to routes that serve multiple flows of aircraft flying in both directions. Over time, these corridors could link an increasing number of routes between vertiports. – https://aeroin.net/faa-lanca-projeto-sobre-como-as-futuras-aeronaves-evtol-comecarao-a-operar-sobre-as-cidades/