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For the 4th consecutive month, Petrobras announces a new reduction in the sale price of aviation kerosene

The Brazilian state-owned Petrobras reported that since June 1, 2023, the price of its Aviation Kerosene (QAV) began to be marketed with a price reduction of 12.6%. Thus, according to the company, its QAV sales prices were reduced for the fourth consecutive month. This means that the accumulated reduction in the price of the product sold by Petrobras is 35.0% in 2023. Despite the consecutive reductions, as previously seen, the Brazilian Association of Airlines (ABEAR, in Portuguese) has been highlighting that the rise in prices of fuel in relation to the value practiced in April 2020, the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, is still higher than 100%. Thus, the continuity of the readjustments is necessary, since the QAV accounts for about 40% of the costs of an airline, which in turn have a share of almost 60% in dollars. – https://aeroin.net/pelo-4o-mes-consecutivo-petrobras-informa-nova-reducao-no-preco-de-venda-do-querosene-de-aviacao/