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Aviation Battalion of the Military Police of Santa Catarina conducts training on remotely piloted aircraft

Last week, between the 5th and 7th of July, training on remotely piloted aircraft systems was carried out by the Aviation Battalion of the Military Police of Santa Catarina (BAPM) in Florianopolis. As described by the BAPM, on that occasion, 20 police officers from the Highway Military Police (PMRv) were trained to use drones, in the Training for Operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (TOSARP). Practical and theoretical instructions applied to drone operations were given, which promoted the necessary knowledge regarding the use and operation of equipment, training military police officers to meet existing demands. During training, police officers had the opportunity to operate aircraft in practical situations to perfect and improve traffic operations and monitoring of state highways. “The use of modern equipment in inspection and control actions is in the direction of the ideal advocated by the PMSC 3.0 concept. In this way, PMSC joins forces and knowledge from different sectors to work in harmony using technological developments in favor of preserving public order and the well-being of Santa Catarina society”, concludes the BAPM. – https://aeroin.net/batalhao-de-aviacao-da-policia-militar-de-santa-catarina-realiza-treinamento-de-aeronaves-remotamente-pilotadas/