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Incentive regulation initiative in the air transport services sector is discussed by ANAC

On August 16, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) held a joint meeting with representatives of the airline sector to initiate regulatory efforts aimed at incentives in consumer interactions. The meeting took place at Infraero’s auditorium, located at Congonhas Airport, in Sao Paulo. The airlines Azul, GOL, LATAM, and Voepass were present, together with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear). According to ANAC, the Agency is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of its regulations, employing various regulatory instruments and flexible approaches to respond to the practices of regulated agents. A notable approach in this context is incentive-based regulation, which aims to foster collaboration and dialogue between regulators, regulated parties, civil society and consumers. The goal is to encourage improvement in the quality of services offered by airlines. At the end of 2022, ANAC carried out interactions and consultations together with the National Consumer Defense System (SNDC), involving entities such as ProconsBrasil, MPCON, Procon RJ, OAB, Condege, FNECDC, Procon SP, Idec, and Senacon. Based on these discussions with the SNDC, opportunities were identified to improve aspects such as customer service (SAC) provided by airline operators, information and consumption practices, reimbursement of airline tickets, accessibility in air transport, passenger reallocation, reduction of litigation and flight punctuality and regularity. – https://aeroin.net/iniciativa-de-regulacao-por-incentivos-no-setor-de-servicos-de-transporte-aereo-e-discutida-pela-anac/