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ANAC publishes ordinance that addresses aspects of animal transport

Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) published Ordinance #12,307, which establishes rules for the air transport of pets and emotional support animals on domestic and international flights. The aim is to bring together the rules in a single device and make it clearer for consumers the conditions and obligations that airlines must follow when offering this type of service. The transport of animals in the aircraft cabin and in the luggage compartment is already authorized by ANAC, and offering the service is optional. It is, therefore, up to the airlines to decide on the sale and provision of this type of transport. For this, companies evaluate flight time, type of equipment, airport structure and personnel, number and species of animals on board. Rights and duties: When offering the service, the airline must be responsible for the safety of the animals. It is also up to the company to define the amount that will be charged for the animal transport service, making it clear to the consumer the price, rules, and limitations of the service, including weight allowance, quantity of volumes, species that will be accepted, and procedures for dispatching the animals. The consumer must also be informed about the conditions under which the animal will be transported and the characteristics of the service. Before dispatch, the animals must undergo a safety inspection, and those responsible for them must prove compliance with all sanitary and animal health requirements required by law. In addition, to ensure the safety of the flight and the other passengers, anyone traveling with their pet will have to fully comply with what was agreed in the contract with the company and follow the guidelines of the company’s teams. – https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/noticias/2023/anac-publica-portaria-que-aborda-os-aspectos-do-transporte-de-animais