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European Parliament approves rules on requiring sustainable aviation fuels in aviation

On September 13, the European Parliament approved aviation regulations named “RefuelEU” as part of its “Fit for 55” package. This legislation requires that all flights departing from a European Union airport meet the target of using at least 70% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) by 2050. In a vote, 518 parliamentarians voted in favor, 97 voted against the measure, and 8 abstained. Parliamentary rapporteur Jose Ramon Bauza Diaz commented on the decision, highlighting it as a “tremendous step” in the decarbonization of aviation in the European Union. From 2025, the new law will oblige EU airports and fuel suppliers to ensure that at least 2% of the fuel supplied is SAF, increasing every 5 years – 6% in 2030, 20% in 2035, 34% in 2040, 42% in 2045, and 70% in 2050. It also establishes that a specific proportion of the fuel mix (1.2% in 2030, 2% in 2032, 5% in 2035, progressively reaching 35% in 2050) must include synthetic fuels such as e-kerosene. Two large airline groups, such as Air France-KLM and the low-cost company Ryanair, have shown their support for the European Parliament’s decision, celebrating the milestone that the new law introduces in the decarbonization of aviation. Both groups commit to implementing measures that go beyond the incorporation mandates set out in RefuelEU. However, they recognize that the limited availability of raw materials will have to be overcome in order for the SAF to reach the necessary level. The law defines what constitutes sustainable aviation fuels – including synthetic fuels, biofuels produced from agricultural or forestry waste, algae, bio-waste, used cooking oil or certain animal fats, as well as hydrogen and fuel produced from used cooking oil. In turn, fuels based on foods produced from palm and soy remain excluded from the category. Following approval by the European Council, the new RefuelEU aviation rules will apply from 1 January 2024, and some provisions from 1 January 2025. – https://aeroin.net/parlamento-europeu-aprova-regras-sobre-exigencia-de-combustiveis-de-aviacao-sustentaveis-na-aviacao/