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Solar and hydrogen powered airship will travel around the world

A French startup is planning to fly an airship around the world for 20 days, non-stop, and without the use of fossil fuels. Solar Airship One is 151 meters long and will be filled with 50,000 m³ of helium gas. Two types of sources will supply its propulsion system: during the day, solar energy, which will fill almost 5,000 m² in the upper part of the aircraft, and at night, hydrogen will be used to power a fuel cell. According to Euro Airship, responsible for the adventure, the project has been under development for a decade, and over the last three years, industrial details have been defined together with a technology and consultancy company also from France. Three crew members will be on board the airship, which is scheduled to take off in 2026, covering 40,000 km in the west-east direction. Two other companies are developing similar projects, being of them from the United States, financed by Sergey Brin, founder of Google. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/dirigivel-movido-energia-solar-e-hidrogenio-fara-volta-ao-mundo.html