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“Flying cars” will be the theme at the Expo eVTOL 2024 Forum

The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market, represented by electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), popularly known as “flying cars”, is very close to taking off in earnest. Brazil has already played a relevant role in this scenario. Therefore, MundoGEO will hold the 1st edition of Expo eVTOL, an event dedicated to these innovative innovations, at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhao Amarelo, in Sao Paulo. The fair and Forum took place in parallel with other MundoGEO events — DroneShow Robotics, SpaceBR Show, and MundoGEO Connect. Brazilian leadership in this market has two fronts. The first is led by Eve Air Mobility, an Embraer company, which is developing an eVTOL for passenger transport and which currently has the largest customer portfolio in the world, totaling more than 2,800 vehicles for companies in different countries, including major players in the aeronautical industry, such as United Airlines, Republic Airways, Blade Aviation, Azorra, SkyWest, BAE Systems, among others. The company’s expectation is that its eVTOLs will enter service in 2026. Another aspect that puts Brazil in the spotlight is the number of aircraft that are planned to fly across the country in the coming years. Based on the agreements disclosed by the companies involved, the country has ordered 780 eVTOLs, behind only the United States and China. Seven companies are a part of this list — Avantto, Azul, Flapper, FlyBis, Gol, Helisul, and Voar — with vehicles from Eve itself, in addition to the German Lilium and the British Vertical Aerospace. –