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US introduces new approach to airport security control using self-service

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is introducing a new approach to airport security checkpoints, aiming to screen more passengers effectively using self-service technology. The first phase of this project is scheduled to open next month. New security systems include a pod-based design with individual screening consoles, a carry-on baggage screening, and passenger screening system with flat screens, moving dash sensors for continuous screening of passengers as they move through checkpoints, control, and an integrated hand luggage transport system, equipped with security equipment and automated entry and exit doors. The Las Vegas airport is one of the test sites for this new approach. Critics point out that the TSA should focus on real threats rather than taking an overly cautious approach, and that increasing security at checkpoints will only displace threats to other locations without ensuring overall security. The implementation of this new approach will be watched with interest to assess its effectiveness and impact on the passenger experience. – https://aeroin.net/eua-introduz-nova-abordagem-no-controle-de-seguranca-nos-aeroportos-com-uso-de-autoatendimento/