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SWISS implements artificial intelligence to count passengers before boarding

SWISS International Airlines is implementing a new digital boarding system that uses artificial intelligence to count passengers before boarding. The system uses special cameras installed on aircraft doors, which monitor people entering and leaving the plane. The airline decided to adopt this system after a successful trial carried out previously. During the test, SWISS wanted to ensure that the artificial intelligence could work in different light conditions and detect the presence of passengers, including parents with babies on their laps. This new system will replace the manual counting done by cabin crew, who currently use a “clicker” to count passengers. The expectation is that the new system will make the boarding process faster and more efficient. Developed by technology startup Vion AI, the system is still in the development phase and installation across the entire SWISS fleet is scheduled for the end of 2024. Initially, the short-haul fleet will receive the system from the third quarter of 2024 , followed by installation on long-haul aircraft in the last three months of 2024. –