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Army Aviation opens pilot training courses including women for the first time

In 2024, Army Aviation (AvEx) began its annual training cycle at the Army Aviation Instruction Center (CIAvEx) with an important new feature: the inclusion of female students in training courses. For the first time in history, both the Aircraft Pilots Course and the Army Aviation Administrative Management course opened their doors to female candidates. On January 29th, 14 students started classes for the 2024 Pilots Course, marking a historic moment for Brazilian Army Aviation. According to the Brazilian Army (EB), among the students is First Lieutenant Emily de Souza Braz, who stands out as one of the pioneers in this new chapter of the institution. The Course is responsible for training all Brazilian Army Aviation pilots. If they successfully complete the course, in April 2025, the new pilots will join the military aviation organizations of Taubate, SP, Manaus, AM, Campo Grande, MS, and Belem, PA. They will be part of different Defense and civil society support missions, providing aeromobility for the Land Force throughout Brazil. Both courses are aimed at career officers of the Brazilian Army. Therefore, to become a military pilot or Aviation manager it is necessary for the candidate to enter the Army Cadet Preparatory School and, subsequently, go to the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN). – https://aeroin.net/aviacao-do-exercito-abre-cursos-de-formacao-de-pilotagem-com-inclusao-de-mulheres-pela-primeira-vez/