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Innovation: LATAM creates first internal aviation program in South America

The LATAM Group has just created the first internal aviation program in South America to train innovation ambassadors. Created by LATAM Labs in partnership with the consultancy AAA Innovation, the first edition of the “LATAM Innovation Ambassadors” program will prepare 40 employees from different countries, areas, and positions to become experts in the field. The objective is to promote a culture of innovation and the transversal exchange of ideas to transform South American aviation. LATAM’s first 40 innovation ambassadors were selected based on a test that identified 12 skills among those who signed up: resilience, continuous learning, collaboration, communication, creativity, curiosity, proactivity, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, strategic vision, and articulation. The group now begins its learning path divided into four modules: innovation and challenges, ideation and design, metrics and open innovation, and prototyping. Classes are taught by professors and professionals in the market, recognized for their management or capacity in innovation and creation of disruptive environments. The learning process will last one year. “We want to grow with a diversity of ideas and solutions to lead aviation transformations on our continent. The objective of this program is to plant the seed of innovation in all areas of LATAM by empowering our employees, from different countries and positions, so that they have a critical look at our processes and space to suggest new ways of acting”, explains Rafael Walker, Director of Services Transformation at LATAM Group. – Inovação: LATAM cria primeiro programa interno da aviação na América do Sul – Aeroflap