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Fourteen private airports will receive Infraero services

Infraero announced that it signed contracts with Zurich Airport Brasil and Aena Brasil for maintenance services at fourteen airports managed by the two concessionaires. The state-owned company will de-rubber the landing and take-off runways in Florianopolis (FLN), Vitoria (VIX), and Natal (NAT), managed by Zurich, using hydrojetting, which removes the rubber left on the runway by aircraft at the time of landing, without damaging the pavement surface. The interventions will be carried out this year and in 2025. In eleven other airports managed by Aena, including Congonhas (CGH), in Sao Paulo, Infraero was authorized to use radio frequencies. With this, 918 licenses granted to the company will be made available to operate a radiocommunication station. The contract will be valid for twelve months. Recently, it was announced that the state-owned company will take over the management of its fifth terminal in Minas Gerais, with the entry of Divinopolis (DIQ). In November, the location will once again receive its first commercial flights. – https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/quatorze-aeroportos-privados-receberao-servicos-da-infraero.html