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What changes in the post-pandemic traveler’s behavior?

In order to map the new consumer habits and the changes and adaptations in society caused by the COVID-19 crisis and the quarantine imposed by it, the advertising agency Lew’Lara\\TBWA, which serves, among other accounts, CVC Corp, prepared a behavioral study using its own trend monitoring tools. The new post-COVID-19 normal begins to take shape, and according to Lew’Lara\\TBWA, it brings with it the following trends and changes, which are great opportunities for the Travel and Tourism industry: “1 – FREEDOM BECOMES AN ASPIRATION; 2 – EMOTIONAL CONNECTION; 3 – DIGITAL JOURNEY; 4 – GOING BACK TO TRAVEL”.

Learn more at – ​https://www.panrotas.com.br/coronavirus/superando-o-coronavirus/2020/06/o-que-muda-no-comportamento-do-viajante-pos-pandemia_174457.html