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Domestic flights in China return to pre-pandemic level

The pandemic eroded demand for air travel throughout 2020. Numerous airlines have been forced to reduce the number of flights operated daily due to the sudden drop in the number of passengers traveling. Despite this, and over the months, the resumption of the air market has been happening at a good pace in some countries. The domestic market remains the main driving force, as international travel restrictions still compromise the movement of passengers between countries. In this sense, the Chinese domestic market reached 100% of traffic in 2019 during September, before the pandemic. The comparison took into account the same comparative period between the two years, even registering growth in the flow. The figures, despite not referring to the Brazilian market, are a good indication of what to expect for the next months in the national territory. – https://contatoradar.com.br/2020/10/voos-domesticos-na-china-voltam-ao-nivel-pre-pandemia/