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Amid the pandemic, LATAM carries out actions to combat hunger in the country

Through the Avião Solidário program, LATAM is helping in countless ways to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and to assist social causes. This month, the company transported 8 tons of food free of charge and donated another 8 tons of meals, in addition to 6,570 maple meal kits to entities to fight hunger. In partnership with NGOs and social projects, Teresina, PI, received a ton of food, while 7 tons of basic food baskets were distributed in Manaus, AM. Another 8 tons of food that would be used on board the aircraft were donated and distributed by Rede Tênis Brasil in Brasilia, DF, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Slums in the North, West, and East Zones of Sao Paulo were also benefited by the NGO Gastromotiva, which donated a total of 6,570 meal kits. – https://contatoradar.com.br/2021/05/em-meio-a-pandemia-latam-realiza-acoes-para-combater-a-fome-no-pais/