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Switzerland allows entry without testing or quarantine of passengers recovered from COVID-19

Switzerland is allowing travelers recovered from COVID-19 from third countries to enter the No High Risk List, as is the case with Brazil, without additional requirements such as testing or mandatory quarantine. The measure took effect on 03/21, and accepts passengers with a recovery certificate not exceeding 180 days. According to the Swiss government, a person is considered recovered if they can prove COVID-19 contamination with evidence of a positive PCR test or a positive antigen rapid test. The validity starts from the 11th day after the positive test result and lasts for 180 days from the test result. The requirement for Brazilian tourists to enter Switzerland is a complete vaccination, or a certificate of recovery (no more than 180 days). On February 17, known as “Freedom Day”, most restrictions related to COVID-19 were lifted in the country, including the need to present proof to enter closed establishments. The use of a mask remains mandatory on public transport and health institutions until the end of March. If the epidemiological situation allows, the mandatory use of masks will end by April 1. Also, entry forms now no longer need to be filled out. – https://passageirodeprimeira.com/mais-flexibilizacoes-suica-permite-entrada-de-passageiros-recuperados-da-covid-19/