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ANAC modernized the regulation of aeromedical operations

New regulations made the aeromedical operation process in Brazil simpler and more agile. The Simple Flight Program has advanced once again, and has now simplified and updated the rules for aeromedical operation in Brazil for an air operator certified in accordance with RBAC #119 and operating under the rules of RBAC #135. The Supplementary Instruction (IS, in Portuguese) #135-005 came into force on March 31, and was prepared with a focus on simplifying and modernizing processes created 23 years ago. Until recently, the aeromedical operation was based on the Civil Aviation Instruction (IAC, also in Portuguese) 3134, issued by the extinct Department of Civil Aviation (DAC, in Portuguese), being considered outdated and which reflected the reality of the sector at the end of the 1990s. 135-005 establishes a more up-to-date regulation consistent with the technological advances in the sector, and which considers the particularities of the aeromedical operation. One of the highlights is recognizing the risks encountered in the activity, while establishing a balanced regulatory intervention focused on operational safety aspects. In a note, the agency also highlighted that the IS updates the rules of aeromedical transport, which has gained even more notoriety, especially in the work carried out to combat covid-19. The new rule had the participation of the air sector, through the Technical Committee of Aeromedical Transport Service (CT-STA, in Portuguese), as provided in Ordinance #4,696, of March 31, 2021. The improvements, which include the responsive regulation model, were based on the need to update the regulatory framework, and exchange experiences in support of regulatory processes. –https://aeromagazine.uol.com.br/artigo/anac-modernizou-a-regulamentacao-das-operacoes-aeromedicas.html