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Palm oil from the Amazon will fuel planes

In the south of Roraima state, land costs up to seven times less than in other large agricultural production centers in the country. Even so, when flying over, it is possible to see areas open for decades that were abandoned due to lack of resources. These are holes in the middle of the Amazon biome. Brasil BioFuels (BBF) will use these degraded lands to grow palm and produce oil – which will later be transformed into 500,000 cubic meters of green diesel (HVO) and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the biorefinery being built in Manaus Free Trade Zone, with investments estimated at BRL 2 MM. Vibra Energia, formerly BR Distribuidora, will have exclusive access to this production for five years, and may renew the agreement for another five years. Leader in the Brazilian fuel market in general, the company intends to start distributing these biofuels between 2025 and 2026. In a one-hour and twenty-minute flight between Manaus and Sao Luis, RR, for example, the single engine burns 320 liters of kerosene for aviation (QAV) and releases carbon into the air. Aviation accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions – 915 million tons out of a total of 43 billion. It was with an eye on this demand that Brasil BioFuels raised its contribution to the production of biofuels from BRL 1.8 MM to BRL 2 MM. In addition to manufacturing HVO, an initiative that the company announced in November, the extra resource will guarantee technology to produce SAF, which emits up to 90% less pollutants than jet fuel. BBF chose to verticalize palm production in Sao Joao da Baliza, a neighboring municipality of Sao Luis, unlike the strategy it adopted in Para state, where it has around 70,000 hectares planted and partnerships with family farmers. In the south of Roraima, the company will plant 20 thousand hectares this year and intends to reach 120 thousand by 2026. With this, the expectation is to capture 600 thousand tons of CO2 per year. – https://valor.globo.com/agronegocios/noticia/2022/04/14/oleo-de-palma-da-amazonia-abastecera-avioes.ghtml