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Signed the contract for the installation of the new aircraft manufacturing plant in Brazil

As presented in June, Brazil will be the new location for the manufacture of Austrian executive aircraft, in an investment estimated at up to BRL 300 M, and with the generation of up to 1,300 jobs in the region. The manufacturer Diamond Aircraft, founded in 1981 in Austria and since 2017 under the control of Chinese Wanfeng Aviation, had announced at the end of June that its official representative in Brazil, Aeromot, from Rio Grande do Sul state, would start manufacturing its planes under license. Now, according to InfoDiretas, this week, the contract was officially signed. The two companies defined that the plant will be located on land that would previously be destined for the Ford vehicle manufacturer in the city of Guaiba, RS. The agreement was signed at a meeting in Sao Paulo. Diamond began its history making gliders, but grew to single-engine, and then twin-engine aircraft, being the first to adopt, on a large scale, the use of aviation kerosene (diesel) in its piston aircraft. The engines are made by Austro, a subsidiary based on Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. In addition to this innovation, Diamond’s planes have a carbon fiber fuselage, reducing weight, and allowing for a unique design. Its elongated wings like those of gliders ensure stable flight and greatly reduced drag. All of the company’s twin-engine aircraft use an Austro piston engine with a turbocharger, which runs on common aviation kerosene (JET A1) and also JP8, which is military kerosene with additives and prepared to be used in fighter engines with afterburners. In Brazil, the intention is to produce the DA62 twin engine. There are still no details about the planning of the implementation of the factory and the start of production. – Assinado o contrato para instalação da nova planta de fabricação de aviões no Brasil; veja onde ficará (aeroin.net)