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More details of the new Fokker Next Gen, the hydrogen-powered “plane of the future”, revealed

Dutch aeronautical manufacturer Fokker presented the design and construction project for its future generation of low-emission aircraft known as Next Gen. The company unveiled a model powered by liquid hydrogen combustion that could enter service in the middle of the next decade. “We are designing and building an entirely new aircraft that will future-proof our industry by making green aviation accessible”, said Fokker. The new aircraft will have a range of around 2,500 kilometers (which would allow it to cover flights on practically any intra-European route) with a considerable reduction in the environmental impact of its operations compared to previous models, thanks to the implementation of new generation technology. The aircraft will run on liquid hydrogen, as well as a blend of traditional kerosene and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This will make it more versatile and adaptable. For this, it will have a state-of-the-art hydrogen storage, distribution, and direct combustion system, which will be connected to two engines located in the rear sector of the fuselage. Unlike other similar developments, it will dispense with hydrogen electric fuel cells. On the other hand, the Fokker Next Gen will incorporate more environmentally friendly manufacturing materials into its design and flexible display panels on the cabin roof that will allow operators to offer a more personalized travel experience to their passengers – https://aeroin.net/revelados-mais-detalhes-do-novo-fokker-next-gen-o-aviao-do-futuro-movido-a-hidrogenio/