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Security measures for the practice of hang gliding are reinforced by the Prosecutor’s Office and ANAC

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), together with Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), issued a recommendation aimed at promoting safety measures for the practice of free flight in Brazil. The objective is to disseminate the set of good practices, rules, and regulations widely throughout society. Thus, the document reinforces the basic operational rules capable of protecting third parties not involved in the activities and the civil aviation system itself. Furthermore, deeply concerned with safety in sport, the entities ask that all reports of irregularities be shared with ANAC’s digital channel. The operation of an ultralight vehicle or manned free balloon, according to RBAC #103, does not require a pilot’s license or airworthiness certificate issued by ANAC. However, the operator must have an aerosports registration certificate in the form established by ANAC. In order to register as an aerosportsman, it is mandatory to prove that you have the minimum knowledge necessary for compliance with the operational rules and the use of airspace. It is important to point out that sport flights take place at the risk and expense of the operator, and that the operational rules provided for in RBAC #103 aim to guarantee the safety of third parties and the civil aviation system. For the practice of motorized aero sports activities, ANAC requires that the operators of the respective motorized ultralight vehicles that act under the rules of RBAC #103 register the athlete and their equipment in the Agency’s database. This registration is carried out via accredited associations, which are responsible for identifying the operator and the aircraft at the time of registration and issuing a certificate of capacity. The Aerosportsman and Equipment Registration Certificates are the only documents required by ANAC for the operation of motorized ultralights. – https://aeroin.net/medidas-de-seguranca-para-a-pratica-do-voo-livre-sao-reforcadas-por-ministerio-publico-e-anac/