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Brazilian company presents its new ANSHAR kamikaze drone at Dubai Airshow 2023

Mac Jee was founded in Brazil in 2007 and is one of the largest companies in the country’s Defense Industrial Base (BID). It is also recognized as one of the world leaders in the strategic production of defense solutions. The company is reinforcing its commitment to innovation by presenting, for the first time on the international market, ANSHAR, its new kamikaze drone. The presentation was made on November 16 during the Dubai Airshow, one of the largest international fairs in the civil and military aviation sector. Mac Jee explains that ANSHAR was developed in Brazil as a result of its own investments in Research and Innovation, and meets the requirements of modern warfare doctrines, reinforcing the company’s product offering to allied nations. With a name referring to Babylonian mythology (Anshar is the god of the celestial horizon), the Mac Jee Group’s new kamikaze drone represents, according to the company, a leap in technology and capacity for the Brazilian Defense Industry Base. ANSHAR reaches a speed of 170 m/s (612 km/h), with a minimum altitude of 10 meters (sea skimming) and a maximum altitude of 8 thousand meters (26,200 feet), has a range capacity of 100 km and flight autonomy of an hour. In addition, the drone supports a maximum takeoff weight of 160 kg, payload of 20 kg and fuel weight of 46 kg. – https://aeroin.net/empresa-brasileira-apresenta-seu-novo-drone-kamikaze-anshar-no-dubai-airshow-2023/