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Airbus uses Artificial Intelligence for greater efficiency in managing A380 spare parts

Airbus has embarked on an internal initiative aimed at optimizing the supply of spare parts for its A380 aircraft. Called Prometheus A380, the project uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency in spare parts management. Despite being mentioned publicly only twice by Airbus, details of the project are not highlighted in press releases, social media posts, nor on the company website. Instead, the information is discreetly tucked into the 413-page 2022 Annual Report and the 217-page 2022 Board Report, specifically in the section dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. The reports mention “one of the AI ​​projects called ‘Prometheus A380’, aimed at optimizing spare parts management for the A380.” Airbus explains that Prometheus has already facilitated rapid assessment of the full scope of structural materials used on A380 aircraft of all configurations. This assessment identified the most critical parts and outlined “where Airbus must ensure maintenance solutions for our customers for decades to come.” The structural materials in question, according to Airbus, include around 750,000 removable parts essential to the aircraft structure. AI takes into account factors such as parts costs, lead time, replacement complexity, and the risk of raw material shortages in production when determining critical maintenance parts. – https://aeroin.net/airbus-utiliza-inteligencia-artificial-para-maior-eficiencia-na-gestao-de-pecas-de-reposicao-do-a380/