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In 2023, LATAM hired 44% of the total number of women who are now pilots of its aircraft

LATAM reports that it has been hiring more women in Brazil every year for the positions of commander and co-pilot of its aircraft, as indicated by a survey by the airline about its 2023 selection processes. In the last year alone, LATAM hired 44% of the total of women in these positions on its team. The number represents 12% of the total number of pilots, including both sexes, hired in 2023 by the company. In terms of its total workforce, LATAM hired more than 3,000 professionals in Brazil in 2023. The three areas that received the most new employees were Airports, Cabin Crew (stewardesses), and Maintenance. The company’s commitment to increasing the representation of minority groups in the qualified job market is also demonstrated in the hiring of 48% of its staff of people with disabilities (PwD) in the last two years. LATAM ended 2023 as the first airline in the country to have 5% PwD in its workforce, and is increasingly committed to creating a fair and inclusive work environment. It states that in order to become more diverse and inclusive, it has been working on several fronts, such as training to raise awareness among all employees on the topic of diversity, implementation innovative selection processes, and defining its Diversity and Inclusion commitments. They are: ensuring equality of opportunities and more balance in the representation of women; have representation of people with disabilities; expand heterogeneity in professional areas to increase multiculturalism and create more spaces for greater social, ethnic, race/color, educational, age, gender diversity, etc.; and develop a more global culture, strengthened by the differences between employees of the LATAM group. – https://aeroin.net/em-2023-latam-contratou-44-do-total-de-mulheres-que-agora-sao-pilotos-de-suas-aeronaves/