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European planes should fly with new anti-collision technology in flight soon

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is formally recommending the adoption of rules that allow aircraft to use the latest collision avoidance technology in the continent’s airspace. Aircraft with a maximum take-off weight above 5.7t are required to have the TCAS 7.1 collision avoidance system. However, a subsequent concept, known as ACAS Xa, was developed to improve system performance and capabilities while reducing the possibility of unnecessary alerts. EASA has produced a formal opinion, which will be submitted to the European Commission, supporting the use of ACAS Xa and preventing the restriction of Xa-equipped aircraft. ACAS Xa is compatible with TCAS 7.1. But while TCAS relies exclusively on transponder decoding to determine and project aircraft positions, ACAS Xa does not use coded rules, instead employing a probabilistic airspace model. It detects threats using a Markov decision process, using a statistical representation of where the intruding aircraft is likely to be in the future to determine the best course of action. The alerts are based on “perceived risk” and “filter out” many potential resolution warnings where that risk is low, says pan-European shipping organization Eurocontrol. – https://aeroin.net/avioes-da-europa-devem-voar-com-nova-tecnologia-de-anticolisao-em-voo-em-breve/